Hermes Bed Frame





With a luxurious modern design, the Hermes bed frame adds a dash of simplistic style to any bedroom decor.

Manufactured with the highest quality materials, the Hermes frame features a strong and sturdy construction.

Finding the perfect colour is just a click away, with over 30 colours to choose from in the extensive fabric selection.

If additional space is required, the Hermes frame has the option of being upgraded to an ottoman storage base.

The eye-catching design on the Hermes headboard ensures it becomes an instant focal point for any bedroom. A stunning geometric design, complete with padded winged sides and elegant diamante detailing.

The frame is photographed upholstered in Plush Steel. Single

Length 210cm
Width 110cm


Length 210cm
Width 155cm


Length 218cm
Width 171cm

Super King

Length 218cm
Width 201cm

Headboard Height: 125cm


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