Hypnos Petra Floor Standing Headboard





With a luxuriously padded Vertical panel design, the Petra headboard by Hypnos adds a Contemporary vibe to any bedroom.

There is a choice of either slim or wide fitting on this particular model, slim simply means it is the same width of the divan base, wide fitting means the headboard extends the width of the base 7.5cm either side.

With over 40 options to choose from in the fabric selector, there is a perfect colour option for any decor.

The featured headboard is upholstered in Maestro Hessian.

Standing at over 130cm tall, the Petra headboard becomes a statement piece of any bedroom.

Hypnos are so confident in the quality of their headboards that provide a 1 year guarantee. Slim Fit Headboard, this means it will sit flush with your divan base at the same width.

Small Single: 75cm
Single: 90cm
Small Double: 120cm
Double: 135cm
King: 150cm
Super King: 180cm

Euro-Wide Fit headboard, this means it is 7.5cm wider on each side on the bed base.

Headboard Height: 132cm

Headboard Depth: 9cm


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