Kensington Studded Headboard





The Kensington headboard is one of our newest headboards hand crafted in our factory. Featuring a padded border and buttoned centre. The headboard will transform any style bedroom with multiple sizes and fabrics available the Kensington would fit any style divan base.

The Bed Factory Kensington is available in three different heights and comes fitted with struts for easy fitting to your base.

The headboard is available in all our usual range of fabrics, the boarder can also be a different fabric than the middle, if this is something you require, get in touch with us and we’d love to help you make the headboard perfect for your room. Width

Single – 3ft / 90cm
Small Double – 4ft / 120cm
Double – 4ft6″ / 135cm
King – 5ft / 150cm


22″ / 56cm
30″ / 76cm
36″ / 91cm
Floor Standing 60″ / 152cm

Please allow a small tolerance either side +/-


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