Relyon Drayton Hand Stitched Pocket Divan





New to Bed Factory Direct is Relyon’s Heritage Collection. The Drayton is a 3400 pocket spring mattress filled with Natural lambswool, Merino wool, Cashmere, Mohair and Organic Cotton. It is has a hypoallergenic layer for allergy sufferers just beneath the mattress cover that is sterile and dust free.

The Drayton has a dual layer of 3400 pocket springs that are hand nested in a honeycomb structure to prevent unnecessary movement over the lifespan of the mattress. The Drayton is finished perfectly with hand tufting. The Drayton is turnable, and it is strongly recommended that two people perform this task.

The Drayton offers unrivalled comfort and support with a choice of medium or softer tensions. The Heritage collection has a firm edge sprung pocket sprung divan that has 850 springs seated in the base to add extra support. The springs are kept in situ by a timber frame, and this prevents ‘roll off’ when you are near the edge. The divan comes in a variety of colours and storage options.


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